Read why Theo decided to use our services when he applied for university and what he gained from it below. 

George Akins, London

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Professionally speaking, I'm currently working towards becoming a chartered psychologist. I studied in Birmingham for four years at Aston University and Birmingham City University and specialise in the area of Occupational Psychology.  My intrigue in cognitive and behavioural psychology alongside my joy for research is what pushed me towards this area of psychology. Part of my day to day work involves developing psychometric tests, conducting specialist psychological assessments and identifying psychological risks within the workplace. 

What degree did you study at university?


How did you find the UCAS application process?

It was time consuming and the experience was scary, but with people supporting me along the way I managed to navigate through the process with hardly any difficulty.  

Why did you decide to receive additional support?

I found it difficult writing about myself in personal statement and I wanted my statement to stand out to my desired university.  

Tell us about the support you received from our experts?

I initially wanted to get help with making my application stand out and to get accepted by my desired university. However your experts helped me a great deal with the entire process.  When it came to writing my personal statement I was given great advice and samples to follow.  In addition the guidance from the experts opened my eyes a lot and it helped me to identify a career plan and universities that would help me to achieve my ambitions.  The team were helpful and I never felt alone.  I wouldn't be where I am today had I not receive such outstanding support.  

How did the support help you with the UCAS process?

I was able to complete my application with confidence and never felt unsure about what I was doing.  As a result I got offers from all the universities I applied and I even received an unconditional offer which wasn't a surprise because I felt that I had an edge over those around me. 

Would you 

recommend us to other people?

Yes.  Applying for university is extremely daunting and having so much support along the way made a real difference.  I can't imagine how I would have got through the process without help.